30 minutes | Oct 23, 2019

25. A Navy partner researching her way to a better picture of the modern Military Spouse

This week I talk to Navy spouse and University Lecturer Amy Johnson about what she found when she undertook her recent research into the ADF, Military families and our use of social media.   Amy's research led her to come up with the notion of a  'perfect partner'- the expectation that a military spouse is someone who is happily keeping the family fires burning, looking after 2.5 kids, not working and following the military member from post to post.   While that may be the case at certain points in our spouse experience, in 2019 it isn't always the typical experience and a majority of spouses don't want that to be their experience.    Amy talks about how the outdated image and idea of a 'perfect partner' place's unreasonable demands on spouses and sometimes deters them from reaching out and accessing support.   Amy hopes her research will have an impact on dispelling this outdated 'perfect partner' image not just within the ADF community but also the wider community.   If you would like to read more about Amy's notion of the 'Perfect Partner' click on the below link http://www.broadagenda.com.au/home/perfect-partners-the-impact-of-military-service-on-women-and-families/   You can also follow Amy (@AmyJohnsonPhD) on Twitter to stay up to date with any future research she may conduct.   Ready to join the MWL community? Click through the link to get connected xx
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