48 minutes | Apr 24th 2020

The Serial Killer Cookbook (Interview with Author - Ashley Lecker)

How about a dessert episode (aka a BONUS)? Heather had the absolute pleasure and opportunity to interview one of the coolest and most interesting people she’s ever met! Ashley Lecker is the author of a new book called “The Serial Killer Cookbook”. This book is super fun as Ashley takes you on a trip through history by providing synopses of killers who were on death row. She re-creates their last meals in a fun and easy way…even Heather can make these dishes! This is perfect for the true crime enthusiast! Grab some friends, chat about killers, and cook their last meals! That’s a Friday night that I could get into!

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You can purchase the book from Amazon: Amazon: Serial-Killer-Cookbook-Disturbingly-Delicious
You can check out her blog: https://cheesecurdinparadise.com
You can follow Ashley on Twitter: @Chzcurdparadise
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