81 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Arjoon-Martins & Thompson: Protecting Sea Turtles and Mangrove Forests in Guyana

Annette Arjoon-Martins is a Guyanese conservationist and pilot who founded the Guyana Marine Conservation Society, an NGO that originally started with protecting sea turtles on Shell Beach and now aims to protect mangrove forests and marine habitats in general. Ivana Thompson is a young marine biologist who has recently joined the organization to deepen the scientific knowledge about sea turtles.  Together we talk about:  - Protecting of sea turtles on Shell Beach - Working with indigenous communities and finding alternative livelihoods - Restoring mangrove forests along the Guyanese coast - Barima Mora Passage – one of the largest most intact mangrove ecosystems in Guyana - Opportunities & threats of a newly discovered oil & gas industry for Guyanese nature Links:  - Guyana Marine Conservation Society Facebook page - REEL Guyana Youtube videos 
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