44 minutes | Jun 4, 2018

Episode 2: Wilderness Survival with the Casual Preppers

Surviving in the wilderness can be a very difficult and scary thing to do, even more when there's children with you. Cam and Coby of The Casual Preppers Podcast join me to talk about keeping yourself and your family safe after being lost in the wilderness on a hiking trip. These two bring rock solid survival skillz, delivered in their always humorous style. They also talk about two of their recommended subscription boxes for wilderness survival, BattlBox and Survival Boxes. So join us while we embark on a hiking trip that requires us to put our survival skills to the test to keep our family safe and get out of the woods alive! And don't forget to head over to Amazon and pick up their e-book: The Casual Preppers Beginners Guide to the Apocalypse Anyone spending time in remote areas hiking, camping, hunting or even fishing, should have the knowledge and skills to survive! For more Nature Calls Podcast follow me on Facebook! Guest: Casual Preppers Podcast Hosts; Cam & Coby Host: Andrew Lenertz Music: Country Boy - Bensound.com
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