65 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

135 The Birth Circle: Miscarriage as a Portal with Jovan Sage

I am very excited to introduce you to a new series in the Natural MD Radio that is dedicated to reinvigorating this tradition and the power that comes from continuing to share our stories - welcome to the Birth Circle.

The Birth Circle is a place where we can reclaim the power of support, encouragement, and inspiration – as well as touching into our common sisterhood – through shared stories. These are real mamas telling their real stories - the intense, the beautiful, the painful, the scary, magical, and weird and everything in between - in order to illuminate, celebrate, and normalize the spectrum of experiences women have during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The stories of transformation you'll find in this series are here to provide you with insight, inspiration, wisdom, and support.

The first Birth Circle episode is with full-spectrum doula, herbalist, and chef, Jovan Sage. I hope you will give it a listen, and tell me what you think.

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