41 minutes | Apr 21st 2020

127 A Complete Guide to Empowered Miscarriage at Home

When you’re pregnant, there’s no shortage of happy chatter about becoming a mom, nor shortage of options for childbirth education classes. However, there’s very little that prepares us either emotionally or physically for something that remains a hushed topic, and yet which 1 in 4 women will experience: miscarriage.

In other articles, I’ll walk you through the physical and emotional nuances of miscarriage: why they occur, how to heal physically and emotionally, how to prevent recurrent miscarriage, and much more. But today I want to focus in on what happens in an early pregnancy loss – a miscarriage before 13 weeks – and how to experience a miscarriage at home: why you might want to, the options for doing so safely, and when to seek urgent medical care.

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