26 minutes | Dec 18th 2018

Why Successful Capitalists Promote Socialism

Episode 114 Jim Carrey recently made the statement, "we must say yes to socialism." And he's not alone. Many rich and famous celebrities have expressed similar sentiment. From Russell Brand to Charlie Chaplin, Hollywood has had a not-so-secret love affair with socialism. But celebrities aren't the only powerful elite who promote an idea that would seemingly rob them of their wealth and power. Silicon Valley seems to be overrun with extreme leftist ideologues, as of late. From advocating censorship to promoting regulations, the tech giants seem to have gone full-on anti-capitalists. Tim Cook brags about de-platforming people from apple for believing in conspiracy theories. Mark Zuckerberg says internet regulation is inevitable and necessary. Why would people who made their millions off the free market suddenly have such a change of heart about it? Why would people who rose to the top through capitalism suddenly start advocating for regulations and socialism? The answer might surprise you. But it will all make sense after listening to this week's episode of the Nathan Fraser Show. Join the Free Market SquadDownload.
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