34 minutes | Jan 27th 2019

What Everybody Missed About the New Gillette Ad

Episode 117 Unless you've been living in a cave, you've seen the infamous Gillette "The Best A Man Can Be" advertisement. It's become one of the top 30 most down-voted videos on YouTube. Commentators from all points of view have weighed in on it. And by now, you're probably tired of hearing about it. So, why do I bring it up? Because, there's something almost everybody missed about the ad, and it needs to be considered. There's a reason the ad was made, and it wasn't to stir up controversy or reach a new demographic like most are accusing. The real reason seems to have flown right over the heads of everyone. And without addressing it, we're only going to see more of these kinds of ads in the future. The ad killed goodwill with its main audience. It made the company the butt of a million memes. Gillette is even admitting now that it had no positive impact on sales. So, why do they consider the ad a success? And why is this only the beginning for left-leaning political messages being disguised as advertising? tune in to the latest episode of the Nathan Fraser Show to find out. Download.
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