42 minutes | Dec 10th 2018

Tyranny, Technology, and the Twitter Mob

Episode 113 Every single day, more and more people are disappearing off the internet. Twitter profiles deleted, Patreon accounts deactivated, YouTube Channels flushed down the memory holes. The days of digital book-burning are upon us. It started with people like Alex Jones, but now it's spread to people like Kevin Hart and Kyler Murray. Christmas songs are being banned from the radio. The SJW plot for world domination is almost at a close. A lot of ideas are being thrown around on how to fight this new puritanism, sweeping the internet by storm. Talks of government regulation and an Internet Bill of Rights are coming into favor. But are these really the preventative measures we should be accepting? I, of course, think not. I think there's another way to combat the craziness without getting the government involved. And I bet I can win you over to my way of thinking if you listen to the latest episode of the Nathan Fraser Show. Free Market SquadDownload.
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