31 minutes | Apr 17th 2019

How to Work Less and Make More

You finally did it. After years of dreaming about how cool it would be to own your own business, you took the leap. You started your own business... and you might have made the biggest mistake of your whole life. Not only do you have to do the thing that your business is based around, but now there are all the other things that come with running a business. Fulfilling orders, customer outreach, managing the books, ensuring quality, filing paperwork, building a website, and the list goes on. Owning a business is a lot more work than you'd thought it was... but it doesn't have to be. Nathan Hirsch has found a shortcut. He's found a lot of them, in fact. Nathan was drop-shipping before anybody even knew what that was. His business was almost completely outsourced from the start. And as time went on, he perfected the model. Now, Nathan helps business owners like you get more off your plate so you can actually enjoy the benefits of business ownership. He joins the podcast to give you some tips on outsourcing your tasks and to talk shop. Tune in and you'll discover: • Why college might not be the best choice for today's entrepreneur • How the "drop-shipping" business model came into being • Whether or not drop-shipping is still a viable opportunity • Why you have to delegate work if you want to grow your business • Who NOT to hire when you're building your team • Why skill isn't the most important factor when making a hiring decision • How to vet people before you bring them on as a team member • Why outsourcing to other countries DOESN'T hurt your local economy • How to avoid getting screwed over when hiring a virtual assistant • The downside of being successful that nobody talks about • And a LOT more Listen Now Check out the website at FreeeUpDownload.
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