35 minutes | Apr 2nd 2019

How CNN Became the King of Fake News

I'm not a fan of Donald Trump. But I can't argue with him when he calls out mainstream media for being fake news. It seems like every day now, news broadcasters are having to walk back on claims they made the day before. False accusations, Russian conspiracy theories, and stories that would make the tabloids blush have become the bedrock of nightly news. But how did it get this way? Susan Rook was an investigative journalist and anchor for CNN and she has some interesting insights on what led to the media giant's downfall. She joins me this week to tell her story and share some behind the scenes info that could shed some light on the subject. Join us as we discuss: ● Why journalists no longer investigate before they report ● How social media has destroyed the old business news model ● Why corporate interests have so much influence in the news you receive ● Proof that most news - even local news - is completely scripted ● How the 24-hour news cycle led to the rise of "fake news" ● The truth about how media is being monopolized ● Why television viewers are so happy being lied to ● How youtube and podcasts are disrupting (and enraging) mainstream media ● Why CNN might be going down in the very near future ● And much more Listen now.Download.
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