30 minutes | Feb 27th 2019

Financial Fascism: Marketing the Mark of the Beast

Episode 121 Imagine a world where one dictator ruled over the entire planet with an iron fist. What if holding the wrong ideas meant you were cut off from buying, selling, and trading? How would that impact your dreams of self-ownership and entrepreneurialism? When we were kids, my parents would warn us of the impending New World Order. They spoke of a global government where only those who took the Mark would be able to buy, sell, or trade. It seemed like a fantasy back then, but current events have cast those old stories in a new light. Alex Jones gets kicked off of PayPal. Sargon of Akkad loses his Patreon account. The CEO of Gab gets booted from CoinBase. Conservative voices are getting notices from Chase Bank that their accounts will be closed, with no explanation as to why. These are the times we live in. Is the Mark of the beast upon us? What role do Social Justice Warriors play in all of this? Is there a way to turn this all around before it's too late? All these questions and more will be answered on this week's episode of the BYOBoss Podcast. Listen Now. Download.
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