38 minutes | Feb 2nd 2019

Automation and the Future of Capitalism

Episode 118 The robots are coming to take your job. Pretty soon, everyone will be out of work. We'll all be dying on the streets as T-1000's dominate the workplace. Is all hope lost for humanity? Kevin Koskella joins us to discuss politics, economics, and a bunch of other nerdy libertarian stuff. He's a successful swim coach, online business owner, and a pretty smart dude when it comes to politics. Tune in and hear us chat about: • How to scale your business into a passive income • Why being a selfish business owner might actually be a good thing • How automation will affect your business • Will a Universal Basic Income save us? • How to strive, even in a saturated market • Why people are still attracted to socialism, even after so many failed attempts • What the future holds for capitalists and entrepreneurs • Why so many entrepreneurs come from the United States • How Crypto Currencies might change everything • Why you shouldn't fear the next Great Depression Kevin's Website Download.
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