3 minutes | Dec 18th 2018

Denali Interview with Two Adorable Little Girls

After riding the bus for 4 hours, we finally arrived at Eielson, which gives a breathtaking view of the park.    While I was taking in the view, two little girls ran up to me and started asking questions about my mic.  I asked their parents if I could do a quick interview and they agreed.    The girls, Lacy and Tora, were giddy, and although Tora soon lost interest in the interview, Lacy gives a really fun description of the view.    This is one episode where I’m going to urge you to go to my Instagram and see the picture of the two adorable girls. Not only can you see their too-cute-for words smiles, you’ll also be able to see what Lacy was describing during the interview.   Let’s hear their story!   --- Check out Nat Park Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Patreon for more content! 
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