11 minutes | Dec 7th 2018

Denali Interview with Texan Family On a 17 Day RV Trip Through Alaska

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be just feet away from a hungry grizzly (or 12)? In this episode, I interview a father and a son from Huston that are on a 17 day RV road trip with their family. I sat next to them on the bus in Denali and asked if I could hear a bit about their experiences in Alaska so far. Although we do talk about Denali throughout the interview, we mainly focus on their experience in Katmai National Park, where they had just witnessed a bunch of grizzlies catching salmon. Two things to note in the interviews, one is that Michael told me beforehand that he’s a little shy, so you’ll listen as he relaxes and gets excited (a tiny bit) during his telling of his love of Denali, his favorite National Park in the country. And about half way through Andrew, his son, will hop on the interview and tell some really great stories about seeing the bears in Katmai. There is also a little bit of chatter from the passengers and the bus driver, who did a great job of narrating the whole experience and who I interview later… but overall, I think you’ll find this a really interesting perspective of Alaska and it’s Parks from a Texan family. Also, after Andrew’s awesome description of the bears, you’re going to want to check out his instagram, which he gave me permission to share. Just search Andrew Shirey on instagram. Enjoy!
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