13 minutes | Dec 18th 2018

Denali Bus Interview with Sarah Liem About the Impact of the National Park

When was the last time something was so beautiful, it literally brought you to tears?   For Sarah Liem it was while we rode the bus through Denali National Park.   Sarah — also comically known as Bacon— is literally one of my favorite people I met on this trip because of her willingness to be vulnerable and real, and the elegant and hilarious way she put the feelings that this park evoked for her.    She came on this trip with Henry, who I interviewed in the last episode. It was both their first trip together and their first trip to Alaska.   A couple of minutes in, we viewed some bears for a bit, and although I originally thought to cut it out, I decided to leave it in because it really felt like part of the experience — it should make you feel like you’re riding the bus along with us.    Sarah and Henry are so easy to get along with, you can hear our friendship blossoming over the interview, which sends us off topics here and there, and they even took me out to dinner for my birthday the next day.   This interview gives you a peek into why I LOVE doing this podcast.  I am so moved by the parks, and although I can’t always adequately describe the feelings the parks invoke, some of my interviewees can verbalize it quite well. I also love the friendships that are formed from the strangers I meet in the parks.   I hope this episode makes you feel like you’re riding the bus, forming a friendship, and seeing breathtaking sights right along with us.   --- Check out Nat Park Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Patreon for more content! 
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