4 minutes | Apr 27th 2017

1. Intro: College is Broken, So What Should Young People Do?

What do you do if you’re a college student or recent grad, who feels like they don’t fit in the world of grades, lecture halls, and one size fits all careers?

What do you do if…

  • You don’t like classes and don’t learn well in them?
  • You feel like the typical career prospects aren’t exciting?
  • You’re depressed from being locked into a one size fits all system?
  • You feel like your peers and parents don’t support you going a non-traditional route?
  • You want to be an artist, entrepreneur, early startup member, or anything else that doesn’t fit the common mold?

There’s no clear roadmap or good system for college students to pursue these alternative career paths, and I want to make them more accessible for more students through these interviews and episodes.

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