39 minutes | Jul 30, 2017

Three Road Trip Stories

Three summer road trip stories told by 3 generations. Short, entertaining and lots of fun to listen to. I give some background about the storyteller and why these stories are important to them.  The first one is a baby boomer and her mom on a vacation mission to find their heritage. The second story is a guy and some friends swimming through the dangerous grotto on the Bruce Peninsula. And the third story is a 95 year old woman telling about a train ride back in the olden days. The one thing all us baby boomers have in common is that we are losing more friends and colleagues to heart attack, cancer and alzheimers faster than we can count. How many of your friends and family members died this year? How many of them left an audio legacy for their family and loved ones before they passed? How many of their kids wished they had taken the time to document and record their life stories before their parents and grandparents passed? Your kids and grandkids aren't going to ask you for it while you’re alive. They are thinking about themselves. But once you’re gone they are going to be thinking about you. And they're going to wish they had spent more time with you and had some quality recordings of you telling them all about the time you smoked pot with the other hippies at Woodstock. You can sign up for my online Audio Legacy creation course at  http://ow.ly/QbSn30e1kuX. If you have any questions, send me an email at nancy@nancymurdoch.com
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