52 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

197-Viking Legends: VFFs

After a ball game goes wrong in the worst possible way, Viking best friends go on a quest to clear their names. A quest that involves poison vultures, evil priestess witches, kings that can transform into dragons, and stuffed animal cows.

The creature is the teakettler! A creature that just wants to be left alone and if you keep hassling it, it will get really steamed...in that it will shoot a jet of steam at you.



"Black is the Color" by Podington Bear

“He went away” by Podington Bear

“Voyage to America” by Lance Conrad

“All the Pretty Horses” by Podington Bear

“Poor Wayfaring Stranger” by Podington Bear

“Peter Gray” by Podington Bear

“Dunes” by Podington Bear

"Pxl Cray" by Blue Dot Sessions

“Forecasting” by Podington Bear


Fondue problems require fondue solutions (fondutions?): https://myths.link/fondue