32 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

The Magic of Prayer

After having stage 4 cancer, caring for 6 children, and losing her home - Lisa recounts her story of how she made it through and the miraculous messages she received along the way.

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About Lisa Clark:
First and foremost, I am a mom. I have 6 children, ranging from ages 34 all the way to 12. I have dedicated most of my life to them. I’ve tried, but not always successfully, to love, support, and be an inspiration for them. My heart is so full of love. Not just for my family, but for all of humanity. The feeling is there but just hard to explain in terms that are simple to understand. My current profession is a teacher. I am an advocate for children. I enjoy education and am excited and grateful for the everyday opportunity to make a difference. I have always been a spiritual person, even from a young age. I am grateful to have had amazing experiences throughout my life and consider those that were trying, difficult, and frightening all part of this human experience. My faith in God/Source has carried me throughout every experience.

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