28 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Being a Student of Life

Vasundhra and I speak about her dark night of the soul and the different tools that changed her life. From meditation to journaling to Caroline Myss! Learn how to be a student of life. Ready to start & grow your spiritually aligned business? Together let's leave behind overwhelm, confusion, and self-doubt so you can step into confidence, clarity, & fulfillment. Join my 1:1 coaching program today!Learn more here - http://www.lisaconto.com/coachingAbout Vasundhra: A spiritual educator, author, and consciousness coach. She reaches the world through My Spiritual Shenanigans, a sacred space dedicated to raising the consciousness of the collective.Connect with Vasundhra:10 stages of Spiritual AwakeningMy Experiments with Meditation Download the journaling prompts & my free spiritual awakening ebookSocial Media handlesBlog: My Spiritual ShenanigansYouTube: My Spiritual ShenanigansFacebook: My Spiritual ShenanigansQuora: My Spiritual ShenanigansTwitter: My Spiritual ShenanigansConnect with Lisa:http://www.lisaconto.comhttp://www.facebook.com/lisa.contohttp://www.instagram.com/lisa.conto
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