32 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

Devious Acts from Friendly Faces

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My special guest tonight is author Mitzi Szereto who's here to discuss true crimes committed by some very nice people if you can believe that. Get her book on Amazon.

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This international true crime anthology reveals more than a century of classy crooks and principled pirates from East Chicago to the South China Sea.

Sometimes the nicest people make the best criminals. This volume introduces real-life characters who broke the law for all the right reasons—or committed devious acts with the friendliest of faces. It features incredible stories from across the globe, written by award-winning crime writers, true-crime podcasters, and journalists such as Tom Larsen, David Blumenfeld, and Anthony Ferguson.

You’ll meet Freddie Brenman, the fearsome Chicago street-fighter and trusted friend of John Dillinger; Naún Briones, the Ecuadorian Robin Hood whose outlaw exploits are the stuff of legend; Ching Shih, the nineteenth-century lady pirate who fought Imperial China; and many others.

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