96 minutes | Nov 27, 2018

The Death of Tiffany Jenks : A Conspiracy

I'm not really into conspiracy theories, but this case, is beyond weird!!!

Tiffany Jenks was murdered on October 8th 2013, at the age of 35 – she was shot in the forehead, by someone she did not know and had apparently only met that night, shortly prior to her death. Or so the police say. What you need to know is that Tiffany Jenks’ case does indeed display all the stereotypical tell-tale signs of a mind control victim (or a victim of TMK, Total Mind Kontrol, as it is known in some circles): the evidence all points in that direction. She was a physically fit and beautiful woman; intelligent, a high-achiever and a college athlete; she had a top job; yet, she had drinking problems and, more significantly, mental problems. She also appears to have been quite a socially isolated person, despite her approachable personality. She would often hint at there being more to her than meets the eye…but it always remained ambiguous as to what exactly that was. Was Tiffany just a victim of random violence, or a victim of mind control experiments and had to be killed?

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