31 minutes | Nov 30, 2020

The Mystery of the Swaddling Cloths and the Salt with Keshet Journeys - Jerusalem

In this episode, Rabbi Jason Sobel builds from his teaching in episode 4, which explored the details surrounding where Yeshua-Jesus was born (not a barn) and who came to visit Him (not ignorant rabble). One of the signs the angels said to look for was a baby wrapped in “swaddling cloths.” Could this be more than a baby outfit and point to Yeshua’s prophetic destiny? Moshe Gabay and Marnix Van Ede join Rabbi Jason Sobel talking about the Holy Land and it's depth. “Mysteries of the Messiah” is a podcast produced in partnership with Premier Israel. Find out how you can experience the Holy Land for yourself by visiting Rock, Road, Rabbi Tours today. 
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