22 minutes | Dec 15, 2020

The Mystery of Chanukah and Yeshua with Rabbi Jason Sobel

Everybody loves a good origin story, and in this episode, Rabbi Jason Sobel describes Chanukah's origin (Hanukkah). We can sum up the essence of this Jewish holiday in two words: fighting and lighting. This celebration restores our hope, faith, and trust that our God is true to His word!  The light of Chanukah points to the light of Yeshua-Jesus the Messiah. Yeshua's light lives in you. You are the light. Have Courage and be strengthened, He is with you! Did you know that while Jesus never celebrated Christmas, He did celebrate Chanukah? Did you know that every significant event in Jesus’ life occurred on a Jewish holiday? Perhaps it would be helpful for us to think of these holidays not so much as Jewish, but God’s. These are God’s appointed times and, consequently, are relevant to all of God’s people. An examination of the origins of Chanukah will build your faith and spark a light in your soul that will shine brightly in a darkened world.  www.fusionglobal.org/mysteries-of-the-messiah-podcast Mysteries of the Messiah is a podcast produced in partnership with Premier Israel. Find out how you can experience the Holy Land for yourself by visiting Premier Israel today. www.rockroadrabbitours.com
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