63 minutes | Oct 11, 2021

Ep. 374: If We Feel Uninspired, Should We Learn From Abraham and Relocate?

Rabbi Jacobson will discuss the following topics: Chassidus applied to Cheshvan What can I do when I feel down and unmotivated? At what point is it customary to stop wishing people a happy new year? Why is it called Marcheshvan? What is the significance and lesson of Zayin Cheshvan? Thinking about the First Temple being completed this month, I am wondering what is more important – the physical Temple or the temple of our homes? Noach follow-up Why did G-d have to command Noach to leave the ark? Were there kangaroos on Noach's ark? Was the entire earth flooded? Lessons from Lech Lecha Was Abraham truly a great man by historical standards? How is Abraham considered to be the first Jew if his mother was not Jewish? What is the significance of Hashem telling Abraham that in order to be successful and become a great nation he first must leave his father’s home and place of birth? If we feel uninspired, should we learn from Abraham and leave the place we are living? Shouldn't we discover Hashem on our own as Abraham did, instead of learning it from our parents and educators? Why was so Sarah so special? Didn’t she behave cruelly by insisting that Hagar and Yishmael be sent away? Why did Abraham hide Sarah in a box and what possible message does this have for us? What can we learn from their descent to Egypt? If Abraham kept the entire Torah why did he not circumcise himself until G-d commanded him to do so at age 99? Shemitah: Why does a sabbatical year cancel debts? Chassidus question: What is the divine chariot and what is its significance in our daily lives?
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