79 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

Ep. 367: Why Can Only a Man Initiate a Legal Divorce by Writing and Delivering a Get?

Rabbi Jacobson will discuss the following topics: Is Elul a serious time or a time of joy?  Chassidus applied to Ki Teitzei in relation to Elul  How should we deal with adversity?  Why are we so consumed with remembering and erasing Amalek more than any other nation?  Is G-d “violating” the prohibition of withholding payment to a worker by not bringing Moshiach after all our work in golus?   Is there a reason that according to Torah law only a man can initiate a legal divorce by writing and delivering a get?  What is a mamzer and why is he punished for his parent's sins?  What can we learn from the ben sorer u'moreh about the community’s responsibility to  a teenager who goes wayward and rebels? And what can the community do to help the teen to get back on track?  Lessons from 13 Elul  What can we learn from the marriage of the Frierdiker Rebbe on this day?  Can we apply the prohibition to return to Egypt due to its depravity to living in depraved communities in society today?   How would you sum up Moshe’s last instructions and can we compare that to the Rebbe’s last instructions?  Is it possible that Moshiach won’t come in this generation?  What will it take to have G-d answer our prayers to prevent tragedies?  How do I help my son make the right decision about moving away from us?  When Moshiach comes...  Will our daily burdens be eased?  Will it be very hot outside?  Follow up: A Nassi who is not physically present  Chassidus question: Do we really exist or are we just programmed to think we exist? Part 2 
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