20 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

A reading of The Light on the Path Each Segment is one Stanza/ Rule as written in the book. 21 of42

Mye Reads/ Episode 1 Segment 1 of 3: The Light On the Path Was first recorded from its archaic Sanskrit Origins in 1885. Initially described as a 'Treatise written for personal use of those who are ignorant of the Eastern Wisdom and who desire to enter within its influence '. Having read it I would say the foot note at the End of the 21st Stanza serves it better, " These Truth, which are as great as is life itself, are as simple as the simplest mind of man. Feed the Hungry with them." This is the first set of 21 Rules for the Disciple. Episode 2 of 3 will feature the second set followed by a reading of the Essay on Karma also included in the book.
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