39 minutes | Apr 16, 2021

Rivkah Reyes from 'Sweet Revenge' & 'Brother StarRace'

This week Nick talks to Rivkah Reyes - wonderful comedian, musician,  podcast host, actor, and actual member of SCHOOL OF ROCK! That's right - we are blessed with young band royalty on the podcast as the bassist from the 2003 masterpiece talks a little bit about making School of Rock, but mostly about their post-movie musical adventures including a stint in a high-school emo band called 'Sweet Revenge' and later as singer and bassist in rock/soul band 'Brother StarRace'. Listen out for audio from both these bands plus stories of messy band break-ups, questionable cover songs, band benefactors/dentists and how Rivkah's music lead to a comedy career.Listen to Rivkah's podcast 'Where Are We Now' wherever you get your podcastsRivkah's essay 'Confessions of an Obsolete Child Actor'Follow Rivkah on:TwitterInstagramTikTokPatreonCREDITSJingle and beds composed by Anya Pearson - Insta: @anyaplaysguitarThe debut album of Anya's band Dream Nails is out nowLead vocals by Imo BermanArtwork by Eloisa Henderson-FigueroaInsta: @eloisaillustratorWeb design by Imo VeeInsta: @imo.veePresented/Produced by Nick Taylor@nick_teahttps://www.myteenageband.com/
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