24 minutes | Jan 8, 2021

Diyora Shadijanova

Happy New Year! The podcast returns with a chat with the wonderful writer and podcaster Diyora Shadijanova. She talks to Nick about spending her early years in Uzbekistan growing up in a musical family, a short-lived attempt to live up to her Kerrang! idols by playing guitar in a band before being ousted, and later finding a more satisfying band-like experience in local guitar classes, complete with (imagined) band romances. There's also talk about representation in the music industry and more recent attempts at being a super star DJ.Diyora is the opinions and essays editor for Galdem magazine, and she also writes for a number of different places including Vice and Refinery29  and she’s the host of two podcasts for the fantastic Broccolli Productions – ‘Your Broccoli Weekly’ and ‘Broccoli Book Club’ which launched just this week on 7th January.Diyora's Broccolli Productions podcasts:Broccoli Book ClubYour Broccoli WeeklyFollow Diyora on Twitter @thediyoraFind out more about her writing at her website gal-demCREDITSJingle and beds composed by Anya Pearson - Insta: @anyaplaysguitarThe debut album of Anya's band Dream Nails is out nowLead vocals by Imo BermanArtwork by Eloisa Henderson-FigueroaInsta: @eloisaillustratorWe have a website! www.myteenageband.comDesigned by Imo Vee Insta: @imo.vee
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