26 minutes | Dec 6, 2018

Dr. Easkey Britton: Creating connection with the ocean through surf

Named for a famous wave break off the coast of northwest Ireland, Dr. Easkey Britton feels – perhaps unsurprisingly – most at home when surfing. Her family brought the sport to Ireland and she was on her first board at age four. Though she’s competed in – and won – many competitions, including the national championships five times, surfing evolved into something much more emotional for her. After becoming the first woman to surf in Iran, she travelled back many times to help local women experience surfing and the ocean for the first time. She’s now studying the relationship between human well-being and the ocean as part of a major EU research program. Her guiding light is one major question: how do we get everyone to have the same connection to the sea that she’s know her whole life? Dive deeper: Watch Easkey’s award-winning short film A Lunar Cycle and the documentary Into the Sea, about her surfing in Iran. Twitter: Dr. Easkey Britton Instagram: Dr. Easkey Britton
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