37 minutes | Jan 24, 2019

Brian Skerry: Making pictures of a changing ocean

Brian Skerry remembers vividly the first time he put on scuba gear and was able to breath underwater. Sure, it was in his parents’ backyard pool, but it was life-changing nonetheless. It’s a sensation he’s become intimately familiar with over the last 30 years as he’s built a laudable career as a photojournalist, with more than 25 National Geographic stories to his name. He’s even spent time below the surface with Barack Obama, shooting the first-ever photos of a U.S. president under water. There’s a passion that hasn’t wavered much over the years. What has changed though, is the ocean itself and with that, Brian’s drive to find a delicate balance between documenting human-caused impacts and reasons to be hopeful. Dive deeper: Here’s the photo of Brian’s assistant with a southern right whale as well as his picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama. Click here for his online portfolio. Instagram: Brian Skerry Twitter: Brian Skerry Facebook: Brian Skerry
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