66 minutes | Jul 2, 2021

EP 29: How To Get A Job In Denmark

I had a wonderful conversation with Karey Anne about how to get a job in Denmark as an Expat, International, Immigrant or whoever is trying to land a job in Denmark.  You hear rumors on how hard it is to get a job in Denmark, but you listen to this podcast, Karey Anne gives some amazing tips on how to get a call and even an interview.  A little about Karey Anne Duevang: Karey Anne is the Director of English Job Denmark, the fastest growing community for international employment guidance in Denmark. She is also a Senior Recruiter & HR Business Partner and has worked for the last 18 years with SME’s and Fortune 500 companies in DK to locate, hire and retain international talent.  Originally from the UK, she relocated to Denmark in 2003 as a spouse. She understands expat life from the viewpoint of spouse, wife, mother, and HR Professional in Denmark.   As an HR & Recruitment Specialist, she covers specialist employment recruitment assistance, retention of talent solutions, diversity & inclusion policy & strategy, brainstorming and cultural awareness and assimilation. She is passionate about helping companies and individuals to find the perfect fit, to be more creative, by investing in their people, improving processes, and cultivating a more understanding and inclusive culture. She is an experienced leader and HR Partner with over 2 decades of experience in recruitment and operational management.
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