67 minutes | Apr 20, 2020

#21 The Vaxxine

With social distancing still in full effect, Dan is joined by Tuge, Spilly & Ari 7even via video chat to celebrate the release of Tuge’s “The Vaxxine”. Together they listen to the 6 track EP in its entirety, talk about each individual record, and as always, share their particular brand of nonsense with the world. Including : falling asleep to the project to help drive up the streaming numbers, gangsters that don’t look like gangsters, people forgetting they’re pussy, Tuge being cancelled in Latin America, Drake biting his style (??) + MoreIf you're a fan and want more, check out the MFNARM YouTube channel where you can watch full episodes and exclusive clips : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-6lDATWQqHV44zDUWau3GA?view_as=subscriber
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