21 minutes | Jul 14, 2018

Quantum Medicine for the Rising Feminine with Dr. Bryan Mallindine

Today, I am interviewing one of the most enlightened souls I have had the privilege to meet. Dr. Bryan Mallindine is known around the world as a pioneer in Quantum Medicine. Dr. Mallindine resides in Palm Desert, California and in Switzerland with an office in Oahu, Hawaii. Bryan is a father and an executive in several multinational companies and startups, He has a PhD in NeuroImmunology. As you can tell he is a brilliant man and I am so blessed to call him a friend.In this interview, we talk about:- how there is an energetic frequency for every disease and how we can heal ourselves. - western medicine and alternative medicine and what we need to unlearn and relearn in regards to being empowered.  - why embracing our feminine power right now is so important.- three TIPS for rising up.  ​
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