32 minutes | Mar 12, 2018

Positive Psychology for Female Entrepreneurs with Kezia Luckett

Kezia Luckett is a Positive Psychology Coach who lives in Barcelona Spain. I am in awe of this extraordinary woman! She is the CEO & Trailblazer behind the Women of Contribution movement. Driven by an unwavering mission to help millions of women around the world, she is dedicated to providing female entrepreneurs with all the positive psychology tools they need to create more health, wealth and happiness in their business and life as she knows all too well what can happen when you don’t.   Kezia is offering our listeners a special gift.. . If you are a busy female entrepreneur who is finding your health, wealth and happiness are being affected by “Negative Self Talk” then Mind Over Chatter will help. In your workbook you will discover 6 positive psychology practices that will release the negative internal monkey chatter and allow you to get on with serving your clients and creating abundance in all areas of your life. To learn more about what Kezia offers visit her website at:    https://womenofcontribution.lpages.co/mind-over-chatter/  
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