34 minutes | Jan 22, 2019

Beating the Odds in the Financial World and Her Roadmap to Success with Filomena May

​Filomena May is a financial advisor and owner of Filo Financial Solutions of Raymond James Ltd. Raymond James Ltd. is one of the largest independent wealth management firms in Canada. Filomena talks candidly about her challenges, fears, and setbacks on her rise up the financial world.  It is her intuition, expertise, drive and compassionate heart that has made her the success she is today. ​In today's episode you will learn:- the secrets to success and how to create your own roadmap. - when you are on the brink of something new here is what to do.- just because people make a lot of money does not mean they are good with money.- how she discovered an extra $250,000 of assets that was missed by divorce lawyers.- how to create a balanced work life.- tips for making better decisions with your money and your future.​To learn more or contact Filomena May visit her website at https://www.raymondjames.ca/filofinancial/​
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