40 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Ep. 15 | Chip Conley | Ways of Becoming a Modern Elder

Chip Conley, 60, was Airbnb’s Global Head of Hospitality and Strategy. Chip helped grow Airbnb into a hospitality company with more than a million hosts in 191 countries. He is a TED speaker and the author of multiple best-selling books including his most recent, “Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder.”When Chip was hired at Airbnb at the age of 52, he claimed the role of an elder in a company of mostly twentysomethings. Chip has reclaimed the power of elderhood ever since. In 2018, he founded the Modern Elder Academy in Baja California Sur, a wisdom school dedicated to helping people navigate midlife and their FOURTH ACTS.How can midlife become a calling instead of a crisis? How do we repurpose wisdom? And how do we live a life that is as deep and meaningful as it is long?https://www.chipconley.com/https://www.modernelderacademy.com/
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