48 minutes | May 27, 2021

Ep. 13 | Rosemary Ravinal | When Your Inner Life Hasn't Caught Up With Your External Success

Rosemary Ravinal, 66, is a consummate public relations pro with 3 decades of bilingual, bicultural communications expertise. She has worked with everyone – Telemundo, HBO Latin America, The Latin Grammys, Lifetime, Sony Ericsson, MSNBC, Azteca, Republica Havas. Rosemary is the Past President of the Hispanic Public Relations Association and most recently served as the VP of Public Relations for Univision. At a time when some folks retire, Rosemary launched her own Communications Training firm, simply called Rosemary Ravinal.What happens when our sense of Self doesn’t match the outer acclaim we receive? What sort of inner journey lifts us out of depression and doubt? How do we embrace and dance with the solitariness of being a FOURTH ACT entrepreneur?rosemaryravinal.com
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