16 minutes | Aug 15, 2018

Episode 02: Bad Mom

What's up, dudes? It's me, your old pal Lux ATL! You might remember me from my podcast about life as a small-town sex worker with high academic aspirations, Stripcast: True Stories from a Stripper with a PhD. Today, I’m coming at ya with My Favorite Fck Up!, a brand new four-part series featuring twelve women from all walks of life spilling stories of their wildest, most delicious, most heart-breaking, and most beloved fck-ups, told before a live audience at a beach house on the shores of North Carolina at Stripcoast, my annual retreat for women craving the opportunity to embody the badass firecracker hidden inside--and share her best stories with those eager to listen, in the meantime. Each episode of My Favorite Fck Up! has a theme. In My Favorite Fck Up!, Episode Two: Bad Mom,  three women explore explore the ways in which familial challenges sparked meaningful growth. "You'll never amount to anything," Elaine's mother used to tell her.... Watch Elaine prove her wrong. Veronica survives a traumatic childhood to emerge with an unexpected lesson. Carole receives a lesson of self-acceptance from an unexpected teacher: her own son.
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