28 minutes | Jun 30, 2014

MCC 014: Reinventing The Bicycle Bell with Spurcycle

 In episode 14 I talk with brothers Nick and Clint Slone: creators of the bike accessory company Spurcycle.  In September 2013 when they launched their concept for a reinvented bicycle bell they were able to raise over 300,000 dollars from nearly 6,000 supporters.  Since then they’ve been able to run with the concept and go full time with their business. Nick and Clint have spent the last 10 years in various disciplines across the supply chain.  When they had learned enough about building and delivering consumer products between the two of them, they decided to go out on their own and launch their company Spurcycle.  They share more about their process and what it's like to work everyday with your brother. LINKS FROM OUR CONVERSATION Spurcycle Official Site  |  Spurcycle on Twitter
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