30 minutes | Jan 31, 2014

MCC 011: Live Out Loud with Frank Loulousis

In episode 11, I talk with Frank Loulousis of the St.Laurence Rock and Roll Club.  The club is a first of its kind organization that makes rock music accessible to his high school students in a way no different from jazz band or marching band.  Frank is the club’s founder, creator, director, leader and mentor.  Frank's mission is to give his students a healthy outlet for their music abilities. He helps them learn to collaborate with other musicians and ultimately perform in front of large audiences. As his club continues to grow, Frank’s vision of the program goes beyond the walls of St.Laurence and across the rest of the country.  The hope is to spread the program to other schools building a greater network that works together.  The scale promises to be grand - imagine Lollapalooza meets battle of the bands. LINKS FROM OUR CONVERSATION St.Laurence Rock Club Official Site  |  St.Laurence Rock Club on Facebook
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