19 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

Creating A New Standard of Telemedicine with Dr. Mohan Ananda

In this episode, Don interviews Dr. Mohan Ananda. He is the Executive Chairman of Second Opinion Expert, a healthcare technology company facilitating telemedicine and health services to patients anywhere in the world. Before this venture, he was the founding chairman, CEO and President of Stamps.com starting back in 1996.  

Dr. Ananda talks about his journey as a serial entrepreneur. He talks about the technical hurdles and challenges that he faced to build the multiple ventures in which he is involved. Dr. Ananda makes a prediction that the standard will soon become telemedicine and eventually the medical offices become obsolete. Tune in to hear Dr. Ananda talk about his top 4 takeaways to be a successful entrepreneur. Learn More About Dr. Mohan Ananda:  Stay Connected with Don Burdge About My Company StoryA Podcast for business owners by business owners. Each Episode will explore the challenges business owners face and how they’ve overcome them.