31 minutes | Feb 10th 2020

Ep 21: Muthoni Drummer Queen Pt 1 - My choices were BTWN an NGO and this..

'Blankets and Wine' has become a phenom in the festival circuit in Kenya adding to the thriving festival culture in East Africa that is a new wonder of the world (I think at least)! You cannot say you have lived the Afrofusion life if you have not been to all of them at least once. The people that make these events happen are like wizards and mages because the complexity just sounds absurd in a not-very-easy-to-do-business environment like the one we have in East Africa. Here is Muthoni DQ's story and her path to making one of these festivals a must-see...Music: Sun El Musician: Ntaba Ezikunde (feat. Simmy)
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