51 minutes | Sep 7th 2020

Episode 37 - Cuisine Chats with Aliza Green — Chef, Author, Culinary Tour Leader

Pam chats with the accomplished chef, James Beard award winning author, and culinary tour leader, Aliza Green. Based on a recipe from her latest book, Starting with Ingredients: 100 Delicious Ways to Make Use of What You've Got, Aliza filmed a cooking demonstration making her Cheddar Cheese Biscuits for Cuisine's Must Love Food Cookbook Summit. The release of her book is certainly timely, given the challenges we're facing this year — being flexible and adaptable in the kitchen and using up what we have speaks to us all. We talk a little about her video, but Aliza shares so much more — from tales of being a trailblazer in professional kitchens in the 70's and writing some essential encyclopedic-like culinary books to her more recent endeavors leading culinary tours. Aliza has led a fascinating life and you'll definitely want to give this one a listen!

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