36 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

#23 Berlin Record Culture with Dave Thorley (Disco 30)

Hi there! I'm so happy to welcome you back to the show. If you’re new here I’m happy to welcome you to the show, Music Travel Guide is my way of inspiring you to discover Berlin Music Scene. For the second season every fortnight I host music lovers, artists and musicians who brings their inspirational stories and experiences.Today is the turn of Dave Thorley.Dave is a DJ/Promoter Originally from the UK. Specialising in soul music.In Berlin he runs a popular event called Disco 30 - a dance event that covers the evolution of Soul/Disco, over three decades - and created his own popular radio show called “Crossing The Tracks”.4:02 DAVE AND HIS PASSION FOR MUSIC AND VINYLS06:48 BERLIN RECORD CULTURE COMPARED TO OTHER BIG MUSIC CITIES13:35 DAVE'S FAVORITE MUSIC VENUES IN BERLIN15:50 DISCO 30 - A dance event that covers the evolution of Soul/Disco23:44 "CROSSING THE TRACKS" RADIO SHOW29:30 BERLIN, COVID-19 AND THE POSSIBLE FUTURE OF THE CREATIVE AND MUSIC SCENEMusic Travel Guide is an opportunity to speak with you about the topic I share: let’s talk about this on Instagram! Make sure to follow the official page on IG ▶ https://bit.ly/39lxFxq so that we can talk together.Facebook Official Fan Page: https://bit.ly/30EmXyaSubscribe on iTunes: https://apple.co/3jzLb5mThank you so much for listening and I’ll see you in 15 days, Thursday August 6th in the next episode of Music Travel Guide.
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