61 minutes | Jan 18, 2020

Well, it has been a year…

Happy New Year and New Decade!  Paul and Chris visit at the Michigan Music Conference, at the end of the day and as a college reception begins at the event.  It has been a YEAR since the last podcast (to the day!) was published.  We’re still here…it’s just been busy.  This is a live recording, with all the noises, interruptions, and distractions while recording.  Recorded with “Just Press Record” on an iPhone 11 with a Shure MV88 microphone. Topics in the podcast are wide-ranging but include: Our joint session from earlier in the day Where we purchase equipment What software we’re using And much more We’re hoping this won’t be the last podcast for 2020!  We enjoy visiting about the technology we use, and we hope that our visits–with each other or with guests–is informative to you, too. Thoughts or comments?  Send us an e-mail at metpodcast @ gmail.com https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20Episode%2015.m4a   Roli LightPad Block A4 Mixer  
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