95 minutes | Dec 3, 2016

An Interview with Raphaël Schumann, CEO of Newzik

In the sixth episode of the Music Education and Technology Podcast, Chris and Paul discuss Dorico’s new 30 day trial, Google Classroom, Showbie, SeeSaw, and the latest update to Uberchord.  Google Classroom, Showbie, and SeeSaw are web-based services that can be used with many platforms (Showbie still has more features for iOS, but has expanded much of its functionality to web based interactions).   In the second half of the podcast, our guest is Raphael Schumann, the CEO of Newzik.  Newzik is a relatively new (nine months) app that is used for music reading–with both PDFs and MusicXML files.  The app has a special focus on group distribution, and has already been used for a complete orchestral concert with the Opera de Rouen.  Newzik also offers equipment rentals to orchestras and ensembles.  We also want to continue to thank Uberchord for its sponsorship of SoundCloud hosting for this podcast this year. Show Links: Google Classroom Showbie SeeSaw Uberchord Newzik Newzik App (referral links: Paul or Chris) Sheet Music Scanner (referral links: Paul or Chris) Gustaf Chromatik Blackbinder TomPlay Evernote (referral links: Paul or Chris) See Newzik’s use with the Opera de Rouen: Link to audio: https://archive.org/download/METPodcast/MET%20Podcast%20006.m4a
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