63 minutes | May 2, 2020

Ep. 4 Conducting with Dr Andrew Trachsel

“There are a million things in music I know nothing about. I just want to narrow down that figure.” -André PrevinConducting...an art form that can challenging to master. Its complexity can be so captivating yet misunderstood. The musical sounds it shapes can be so aggressive & elegantly beautiful simultaneously. Joining us from the University of North Texas, Associate Professor of Wind Studies, Dr. Andrew Trachsel, discusses the art of conducting along with unique performance/conducting opportunities during the uncertain times of Covid-19. Be sure to check out the opportunities below, and ALWAYS go, ALL IN!North Texas Conducting Collegium: https://windstudies.music.unt.edu/conductors-collegiumLone Star Wind Orchestra, Global Ensemble: https://lswo.com/lone-star-global-ensemble/
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