35 minutes | Feb 28, 2019

Celebrating Black History

Welcome back to Museum Way! Today’s episode is one we’ve been excited to share for a while now. On the final day of Black History Month, we look to the coming year and consider how we can take the lessons of Black History forward. One way we’d like to do that is to listen back on a conversation we had last year. In June of 2018, we sat down with Museum Educators Raven Cook and Kentrell Curry to discuss the American Spirit and the upcoming “Independence Day.” We were unable to turn the episode around in time for the holiday, but we’re excited to share it with you today as we round out Black History Month.At Crystal Bridges, it is our mission to welcome all to celebrate the American Spirit. So what exactly is the American Spirit? We strive to develop a museum culture known for providing positive, enriching experiences for our guests and staff, and we want to continue thinking forward. What does it mean to be an inclusive art museum?We’ll talk with Raven and Kentrell about how we at Crystal Bridges can continue to foster this rich and valuable discussion. We want to recognize our complicated history around the idea of an “Independence Day,” and talk about some of the artworks in our collection that help us think through this. Enjoy this episode of Museum Way.
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